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Boost your 2023 goals with our insights

What’s Inside?

A complete, organized report of our gathered data and analysis on remote tech salaries and benefits throughout Q4 2022 -plus predictions for Q1 2023. 

You'll find: 

  • The current and expected salaries for senior tech, software engineering roles such as Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Data, Mobile & DevOps Engineers in Latin America. 
  • The current and expected salaries for senior tech leadership roles such as Tech Leads and Engineering Managers
  • Also compensation data for Product Managers, QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers
  • Benefits trends throughout Q4'22 and expectations for Q1'23


Nexton's Q4'22 Comp Report will help you:

  • Learn the 2022 IT salary evolution quarter over quarter for senior technology roles
  • Discover the top benefits that are being offered by U.S. companies hiring remotely in Latin America
  • Unlock value from the data Nexton collected through 

    420 senior tech professionals

  • Optimize your recruiting strategy by understanding what to expect from long-term remote contractor recruiting in Q1'23

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