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2022 Compensation & Benefits Trends for Latin American Engineers

Learn about 2021 salary and benefits trends for your remote engineering team and what you can expect in 2022.

Nearshore markets continue to see a rise in demand from companies looking to expand their engineering and software development teams to Latin America. The technical talent in the region is benefiting from an increase in salaries and better benefits.  

Nexton’s Compensation Trends report will help you to:

  • Learn the compensation evolution by quarter for senior technical roles throughout 2021.

  • Discover the benefits trends for remote senior technical roles in LATAM.

  • Unlock value from the data Nexton collected through 1314 senior developers and 222 job openings.

  • Optimize your recruiting process and talent retention strategies by understanding what to expect from remote recruiting for technical talent in 2022.
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Key takeaways from our latest report:

  • Salary ranges and growth for Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack developers, which have seen a median increase of 10% to 20% in their yearly compensation during 2021, and many other senior technical roles.

  • How high demand for technical talent in the region resulted in companies having to offer benefits to acquire talent, what the most popular benefits for remote engineers are, and what to expect from remote recruiting in 2022.

  • Yearly compensation gap: compare the senior roles’ current salary to their expected salary and get insights on the state of the employment market.

  • How compensation ranges are growing in certain roles and the market trends that cause them.

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